About Our Office & Staff

Fudan University's Foreign Affairs Office is a functional organization responsible for schoolwork related to foreign affairs. It is designated to carry out national foreign policies and educational policies in relation to foreign affairs. She bears double duty of strictly following foreign policies and foreign affairs management. Specifically, FAO is to manage, guide, coordinate, and provide service for any foreign-related work in the school.

Fudan University Foreign Affairs Office consists of General Affairs Office, International Exchanges Office, Overseas Students Exchange Office, Foreign Faculty Affairs Office, Entry & Exit Affairs Office. Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Affairs Office is a parallel institution to FAO with the same staff. Every office is to work in coordination with other offices.

Overseas Students Exchange of FAO was established at the end of year 2007. Its function is to accept exchange applications, to verify the exchange status of all university-level incoming exchange students accoding to the exsisting agreements between Fudan University and partner universities, to send the admission package to partner universities, to coordinate exchange students affairs, to build a bridge between exchange students and their home institutions, and to promote, select and nominate regular Fudan students to participate in exchange programs.


Director of Student Mobility

Mr. Bao Jun   Office Number: 0086-21-5566-4152; 0086-21-5566-4153 junbao@fudan.edu.cn

Outgoing Exchange Students Affairs(University)

Ms. Lin Jieying Office Number: 0086-21-5566-4153 outgoing@fudan.edu.cn; linjieying@fudan.edu.cn  

Incoming Exchange Students Affairs(University)

Ms. Liu Xiaohui Office Number: 0086-21-5566-4152 incoming@fudan.edu.cn