On campus accommodation

The Handan campus is the main campus of the Fudan. Most colleges and schools are located at the Handan campus except for the College of Medicine, which is located at the Fenglin campus in southwest part of Shanghai. Housing for exchange students is available at the Handan (Foreign Students Building). Please be aware that the campus housing may not be available to all applicants since there are always outnumbering dormitory applicants than the number of rooms available.

If you want to live in the Foreign Students dormitory at Handan Campus, you will need to book a room online. The Booking Time will be announced in

For on campus accommodation information at Handan Campus, please visit website of Housing Department, International Students Office: .


For exchange students with accommodation provided by Fudan under bilateral agreement, please ignore the Accommodation E-booking procedure. Our office will ensure your free accommodation at Foreign Students Building. Yet you cannot get refund if you choose to live off campus.


For exchange students without free accommodation under bilateral agreement, please go after Handbook for Registration about the Accommodation E-booking procedure. Please kindly notice there may be more demands than available rooms and therefore apply on time for your accommodations at Foreign Students Building.


How to book a room online?

Booking process: Please go to, and then English version E-Booking or

Special attention

1.      Introduction of the Dormitory and Notice on Reservation in our web site are very important. Please read them carefully before you reserve a room.

2.      Your inquiry number is the application number on your admission notice.

3.      When you book a room, you should choose the date for check-in. Your room will be kept for you for three days from the check-in date. If you fail to check in on time, your reservation will be cancelled. After you reserve a room, please confirm it is a successful reservation in the web site.

4.      All students living in the dorm are not allowed to check out or change for another room within the semester.

5.      After your reservation, if you choose not to live in our dorm, there will be a fine of 800 RMB. Students should pay the fine in the Dormitory in the first week after registration. If this fine is not paid, you will permanently lose the right to live in the dormitory. Please think carefully before you book a room.

6.      Since the number of rooms in the dormitory are limited, those students who fail to make successful bookings should pay careful attention to our web site, where information of living options in the surrounding area will be made available.

7.      Room reservation consultation number: Tel: 86-21-65643413; Fax 86-21-55076831.


When and how to pay the housing fees and how much to pay?

1. New students should pay housing fees during the registration period. You should housing fees by the registration deadline.

2. Housing fees: It should be paid on the registration days in the Foreign Students Dormitory in either cash or by credit card.

3. It is 90 RMB per day for a single room, and 60 RMB per day per person for a double room.

Accommodation dates are from your check-in date until the end of the semester dates. You will need to pay for the whole semester all at once. Please calculate this amount yourself in advance.

4. If you want to pay housing fees in cash, please change your money into RMB beforehand.

5. We can also accept credit cards like China Union Pay, Visa, Master, AE (American Express), DC (Diners Club), JCB on the registration days only.

6. Refund: If you meet the requirements of refund, you will get the refund in RMB.


What should you know when check-in?

1. If you have successfully booked a room, you can move into Foreign Students Dormitory at No.57 Wudong Road with your Admission Notice within agreed time. If you come before the agreed check-in time, we can not assure you the room until dorms are open, and you will need to find your own accommodation before dorms are open.

2. If you fail to book a room, you can go to the Service Table in Foreign Students Dormitory to check availability. If there are vacant rooms, you can still book them at that time.

3. We will ask for a room deposit of 200 RMB, please be prepared. The room deposit will be returned to you when you check out and you must show us the receipt to have the refund. Please keep the receipt well.

4. When the housing contract expires, you should check out in time. You will need to return your room key to check out. If you can not check out on time in case of special circumstances, you will need to go through certain procedures to extend your living period. When the housing contract expires, if you do not check out or extend your living period in the following three days, we will take back the room and dispose of the things left in the room.

5. Foreign Students Dormitory doesn’t provide beddings except for free accommodation holders. You will need to prepare yourself or you can buy after you come here. You can buy in the convenient store inside the dorm or supermarkets nearby.

6. The Service Table of the Foreign Students Dormitory is 24 hours open. You can check in after you arrive. Tel of the Service Table: 86-21-55076825/65643407.


Regulations of International Students Dorm Regulations of Internatioanl Students Dorm.doc



Off campus accommodation

Please kindly notice there may be more demands than available rooms on campus and therefore apply on time for your accommodations at Foreign Students Building. If you cannot book a room at Foreign Students Dormitory on time, try the following resources ASAP:

Tonghe International Student village (Wuong Road Lane 28, off campus, across the road to Foreign

Students Dormitory)

Price: A room in a 3-room apartment is 70/80/90 RMB/day.

The telephone number is +86-21-65105187. They need 2,000 RMB deposit.

Hanting Hotels and Inns (Songhuajiang Road 2628, off campus, close to undergraduate living area)

Price: around 140-180 RMB/day for king-size or double-bed room

The telephone number is +86-21-61434888.


Off Campus Accommodation Registration

Shanghai adopts accommodation registration management for foreign students who live off-campus. Within 10 days after your entry, within 24 hours after moving into the apartment, you will need to go to local police station to go through the temporary accommodation registration procedures.


1.      Sign a contract with the landlord and ask him to apply for a Security License for his apartment.

2.      Go to International Students Office and ask for Off-Campus Accommodation Registration Form for Foreign Students of Fudan University. International Students Office will sign and stamp the form and give the second page back to the student.

3.      Go to local police station to apply for a Temporary Accommodation Registration Form (the yellow page) with your passport, copy of passport, one passport-sized photo, contract, Security License for the apartment (provided by the landlord) and Off-Campus Accommodation Registration Form for Foreign Students of Fudan University.

You will need to submit Temporary Accommodation Registration Form when you apply for residence permit. Students with F visa should also keep the form well in case of any check.

Notice: During your study here, if you change your address, you will need to go through the same procedures again.